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Flexphpnews English version 1.0 :
Flexphpnews Chinese version 1.0 :
After downloading the program, please read doc/ReadMe.doc firstly.

Introduction of FlexPHP News

What is FlexPHP News?

FlexPHP News is a free php news management scripts. It gives you the most time-saving and cost-effective way to edit, publish and revise articles/news. Unlike the majority of other similar news management systems, FlexPHP News has been specially designed for search engine optimization. It is SEO friendly and has several useful tools for the web marketing. It is the ultimate solution for webmaster's article publishing.

Features include:

  • Special features:
    • Search engine friendly URLs (URL rewriting and 301 redirect)

      To make your website friendlier to search engines, URL rewriting and 301 redirect are two effective methods.

      Search Engines like static URL. With FlexPHP News, the dynamic URL can be rewritten to a static one. Currently, to avoid crawl trap, Dynamic URLs are not easy to be crawled and indexed by main search engines. Compared with dynamic URLs, static URLs are crawled and indexed more quickly, accordingly, ranked higher in search engine results.

      In addition, Static URLs are easier for the end-users to understand what the page content is. It is studied that if a user sees a URL in a search engine query that matches the title and description, they are more likely to click it than one that doesn't make sense to them.

      Therefore, the URL rewriting is not only good for search engines, but also good for user experience to a website.

      301 redirection is another useful feature in FlexPHP News.

      A URL may have to be changed, when a website is updated or applies a new structure. To avoid inbound links losing and PR downgrading, 301 redirection tells the search engines that any links & PR of the old URL now should be given to the new one.

      Different from 302 redirection and Meta refresh technique, 301 redirection is regarded as "permanent move" and "safe move", no potential downgrading or punishing risks from search engines.

      When a search engine sees a 301 redirection, it assumes that all credits for links to the redirecting URL actually belong to the new URL. This helps search engines index the new URLs very quickly. Meanwhile, 301 redirection brings good experience to end-users, rather than showing a 404 error page to users. Thus, 301 redirection contributes a lot to both search engine optimization and user experience of a website.

    • Article plagiarism checking

      The function of FlexPHP News can help users away from the suspicion of plagiarism.

      Search engines hate plagiarism. They don't like to index duplicate content. They more like useful, meaningful especially original content, and give higher ranking to such web pages. For two web page, if the duplicate content exceeds certain percent, search engines will regard that the subsequent page is copying the previous one, thus, rank low or don't index the subsequent page, even punish it. Even the subsequent page is indexed, it probably does not be displayed in search results. Take Google as an example, Google would only display one original page among the duplicated contents in multiple pages. All other versions will be hidden, with a note at the bottom of the results page saying "Similar Results have been omitted..." But fewer users would click that link. If you page is in the hidden list, you are losing the traffic.

      All webmasters are well aware of the importance of originality. We recommend the webmasters to use "FlexPHP Article plagiarism checking" after publishing article. It will give you alert whether the article need to be revised or not. It is so simple- Just clicking one button.

    • Article keywords density checking

      The keywords density of an article can be checked using FlexPHP News. Keyword density refers to the percentage of times a keyword or phrase contained in a web page compared to the total number of indexable words in that web page. In search engine optimization, keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase. It is the basis for the website search engine optimization, all subsequent promotion work is based on it. The proper keyword density percentage is between 2-8%. High keyword density may cause search engine penalization due to the keyword stuffing suspicion, although the webmaster doesn't intend to do so. On the other hand, there wouldn't be expected website promotion effect if there were too little keywords in one article. With FlexPHP News for article publishing, both of these troubles could be solved. Articles can be published with proper keyword density.

    • Article Google indexing checking

      FlexPHP News can be used to keep track of Google indexing of one published articles. Indexing is the process of the web pages crawled and added to the database by Google. When someone searches using the related keywords, your page will be in the search results, and maybe listed in the first page if you do well.

      Google will index a new website gradually. The speed of Google indexing depends on different factors. Google limits indexed web pages of one website with a whole bunch of criteria. Simply to say, the more web pages Google has indexed, the more it likes the website.

      The indexing is the first step for the search engine optimization. High ranking brings high traffic, but no indexing, no ranking. FlexPHP News can help you keep track of Google index conveniently.

    • Facebook, twitter and stumbleupon integration
  • Basic features:
    • Article categories and publishing management

      Articles can be classified into different categories as you wish. One button to publish.

    • Article viewed number checking with GA code

      GA code is integrated into FlexPHP system. We can track the traffic of one article page.

    • Article featured on homepage

      We can change or choose which article to be shown on the homepage. But you need to integrate the PHP script to your website coding firstly.

    • RSS news feeds

      The RSS feeds are available with the using of FlexPHP News.

    • Available in video insertion

      Video can be inserted into the articles.

    • Support in article forwarding

      The link of the published article can be forwarded to a friend by the visitors.

    • Multiple languages support

      Multiple languages can be chosen for different market when editing articles.

    • Available in article meta tag (title, keywords and description) setting

      The Meta tag (title, keywords and description) can be set using FlexPHP News. Default Meta Tags are the title of the article.

Flexphpnews English version 1.0 :
Flexphpnews Chinese version 1.0 :
After downloading the program, please read doc/ReadMe.doc firstly.

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