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Flexphpsite English version 0.0.7 :
Flexphpsite Simplified Chinese version 0.0.6 :
Flexphpsite Spanish version 0.0.6 : (translated by Dresdner)
Flexphpsite French version 0.0.6 : (translated by arkil)
Flexphpsite German version 0.0.6 : (translated by Georg Goehner)
Flexphpsite Norwegian version 0.0.6 : (translated by Ole M. Buene)

Flexphpsite Pro English version 0.0.6 :
Flexphpsite Pro Simplified Chinese version 0.0.5 :
Flexphpsite Pro Spanish version 0.0.5 : (translated by Dresdner)
Flexphpsite Pro French version 0.0.5 : (translated by arkil)
Flexphpsite Pro German version 0.0.5 : (translated by Georg Goehner)
Flexphpsite Pro Norwegian version 0.0.5 : (translated by Ole M. Buene)

Flexphpsite tutorial

After downloading,please read /doc/readme.txt carefully.After setting up,the first thing you need to do is "Add a table".About using the help system.Just let your mouse stay on the question mark icons,the help text will appear.If you have difficulty in setup, you can use our installation service.

We also supply customization service. If you want to add new functions to your program, or want to give a new look and feel for your program, please let us know your need. The most important, we charge you the incredible low price--only $5/h.Meanwhile,if you have other project like website design,translation(English--Chinese) and programming, you can also outsource it to us.We offer the best service and the lowest price.

We really appreciate that if you want to make some contributions by providing us another language version.It is very easy.You only need to translate one you very much for your help.


Logwriter--This little program can make an access log for certain pages, and the log file can be analyzed by other log analyzing software.
Logwriter English version 0.01:
Logwriter Simplified Chinese version 0.01 :

Chinese calendar converter--This function can return the date of Chinese lunar calendar which is corresponding to the Gregorian calendar.
Chinese zodiac--This program can tell you your animal sign and corresponding character according to your

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