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>> Features of FlexPHPSite
1. You can add or customize the fields according to your demand. All the contents will change automatically in both front program and admin program. You can also define whether they are displayed or not. If displayed, you can define their display sequence.

2. In our opinion, link is the most important function of a website, so we offer you a powerful link customizing system. Here we have five link methods for your choice: global link, table link, keyword link, option link and single link. You can customize every link as you wish.

3. You can define the search program in the front program.

4. The system allow your vistor provide contents for you. The administrator will receive a message and audit the submission.

5. Our install system is automatic. Our help system is friendly. It can help you master our system quickly.

6. You can define your table's parent table when you add a table.

7. Easy for internationalization. All the program text are defined in a file. Once you edit this file, you can create a new version of your program of a different language. You can also customize the text in your program.

Before you install this system, please make sure that you have php and mysql installed, your and /photo/ is writable. when all these are done, run /admin/install.php. Set database username and password, delete install.php and installfinish.php. /admin/ is the admin program. You can rename it for the sake of security.

Our Pro version have the following additional functions:

1. When you add contents, it will generate search engine friendly pages like 12.php and cookingcatalog12.php. Since the parameter in the URl is removed, search engine can crawl them smoothly. This is good for your search engine promotion.

2. You can manage the page contents for search engine, such as meta keywords. You can implement these contents on one page or many pages for better search engine promotion.

3. You can add administors and assign their permission.

We also supply customization service. If you want to add new functions to your program, or want to give a new look and feel for your program, please let us know your need.The most important, we charge you the incredible low price--only $5/h. ( ) Meanwhile,if you have other project like website design,translation(English--Chinese) and programming, you can also outsource it to us.We offer the best service and the lowest price. ( )

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