(1)This form describes the  easy way of pronouncing basic Chinese phonetics .You can easily speak the phonetics by the similar pronounced letters underlined.  

(2)You can also  know the standard sounds by downloading the mp3 sample files.

(3)How to use the phonetics:  just simply  pronounce the consonants and vowels together , for example: hua (means "flower" in Chinese)=h+ua=[hua:]

 (4)For learning more conveniently,you can download pinyin.zip, which contains all of pronunciation below.

(the pronunciation of is in v.mp3)


b [b] bed mp3 p [p] poor mp3 m [m] map mp3 f [f] flag mp3 d [d] dad mp3
t [t] text mp3 n [n] net mp3  l [l] look mp3 g [g] glad mp3 k [k] kite mp3
h [h] hat mp3 j (1) mp3 q (2) mp3 x (3)  mp3 zh jacket mp3
ch[t] China  mp3 sh[]ship  mp3 r [r] red  mp3 z [z] zoo  mp3 c [ts]hats  mp3
s [s] sink mp3

(1)j Put the glossal tip agaist  the lower teeth and put the body of the tongue in contact with the hard palate then emit air

(2)q The back og the lower teeth and put the body of the tongue in contact with the hard palate,then forcefully emit air

(3)x Put the body of the tongue close to the hard palate and form a narrow contriction,then emit a flow of air 


i [i] bi mp3 u [u:]roo mp3 [y] (1) mp3  a [a:]car  mp3
ia[ia:]yard mp3 ua[ua:] mp3 o  (2)  mp3     uo whamp3
e her  mp3 ie[je]yes mp3 e[ye] mp3 ai[ai]apple mp3
ei[ei]cake  mp3 uai[uai]why mp3  uei[uei]weigh mp3 ao[au]course  mp3
iao[iau]your mp3 ou[ou]coat mp3 iou[iou]yolk mp3 an[an]can mp3
ian[ian]Yankee  mp3 uan[uan]one  mp3 an[yan]  mp3 en [en] hen  mp3
in[in]in mp3 uen[uen]when mp3 n[yn]  mp3 ang[a]aunt mp3
iang[ia] young mp3 uang[ua]want mp3 eng[e]won't  mp3 ing[i]morning  mp3
ueng[ue]won't mp3 ong[u]hong  mp3 iong[iu]  mp3

(1) [y] Form your lips into a ring vibrate the vocal cords.

(2)o what Make your mouth round,draw back the tongue tip,vibrate the vocal cords.

The pronunciation of Chinese characters accords to Chinese phonetics(pinyin).You can learn how to read the Chinese characters by using it.Click here.

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