Chinese Music

Note: most of these files are Real Audio files.

Dance Of The Yao People(Yao Zhu Wu Qu) Part1 Part2 Part3 (New!)

Ballad of Lasa (MP3)Don't know what "music from heaven" means?Just download and hear it!

        Some other CDs of Tibetan music:1.Sister Drum  2.Voices From The Sky

Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai The moving story and music.

The Ambush(Shi Mian Mai Fu)

Water & Clouds Over the Rivers Hsiao & Hsiang (Xiao Xiang Shui Yun)Part 1 & Part 2

Wild Geese Descend on Level Sands(Yan Luo Ping Sha)

Moon Reflects On Erh-Chaun Spring(Er Quan Ying Yue) Part 1 Part 2 Full

Birds Singing In A Deserted Mountain(Kong Shan Niao Yu)

On The Way Home(Huan Xiang Xing)

Thunder Ends The Dry Season(Han Tian Lei)

Journey To Gusu(Gu Su Xing)


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